Passions, Careers, and Back to School.

Jeff and I always joke that no two years stay the same for us. Either we add in a new job, or a new person, or something really crazy like homeschooling. We’re always adjusting to the new normal around here and next year will be no different. Last year, my… Continue reading »

How We Finally Solved Our Electronics Problem: Cutting back on “Screen Time” Painlessly

How to limit screen time with already internet addicted kids

The internet addiction in our family happened slowly…  passing my iphone over to my toddler while out to dinner when food took too long, educational computer games on pbs kids. Electronic games and devices trickled in on birthdays and Christmases. But on our family desktop turned to games on the… Continue reading »

Why Talking About Autism Is So Complicated

why talking about autism is so complicated. A Multifaceted Mama

One of my sons is autistic. This isn’t news to many people I know personally, and it’s not hard to figure out who for those who follow me on instagram. Sometimes people tell me he doesn’t “look” autistic.  Although it’s a slightly awkward comment, I see what they are saying…. Continue reading »

Why Deschooling Was Important For Our Homeschool

What We Learned From Deschooling- Why Deschooling helped our homeschool

I was told by more than one homeschool expert we were supposed to “deschool” after starting our homeschool. To me, this concept was a little scary. What exactly is deschooling, and what is the point? At first I found deschooling was a surprisingly difficult process. Everything I knew about education came from traditional… Continue reading »