Pig-Pen Watches a Movie.

Hudson isn’t what you call a “still” child.

Here are a few pictures of him watching “Cars” in his diaper while I worked this morning and Jeff took Max out for errands.

The stool he got from the kitchen.  I have no idea why.

You’ll note he’s not wearing any clothing. There seems to be a current boycott.

And finally…

He watched almost the entire movie dancing around the stool this way.

Kitchen Makeover Part Deux- The Demolition Continues.

Today was the first day of Jeff’s spring break… he was put straight to work.

I posted Saturday that we pulled down the cabinets, today (after getting to work from home- yay!)

We- um I mean he (hi honey) started in on the rest of the cabinets and the ugly probably used to be white but is now a weird (read: dirty) yellow vinyl back splash.

The second set was relatively straight forward… bigger, but made a huge difference.

Yes, that is a mushroom cloud of dirt.

The next part was going to be slightly more challenging.  We had to get rid of the shelf dangerously close to the stove. Please note that there is also an outlet right there, above the “things that don’t seem safe” stove. A stove on the other side of a door… with an electrical outlet (one of the 3 grounded outlets in the house by the way) aaaand a cabinet directly above that had something hanging from it at some point in time.  That is one hell of a dangerous cooking space.

If you’re like me, you’re ignoring the cabinets (and other dangerous items) and looking at the absolutely perfect green stool… The color is called Enchanted Forest. Its fabulous. I think you’ll be seeing more of that color because I’m totally smitten with it.

But back to shelves.  I somehow convinced Jeff to pull that out tonight too. (Did I mention he’s awesome?)

This proved to be a bit trickier because it was nailed to the adjacent shelf and there wasn’t much room to maneuver — anywhere. It did however provide a perfect opportunity for a fabulous butt shot of Jeff being handsome and handy in his “I’m ripping out cabinets and being handsome and handy” shirt. Really. It’s called that.

So then we were left with this:

SURPRISE! They never finished that part of the cabinet. Oops.

Hmm… and the vinyl back splash was at one point glued on to the wall… so there will be some scraping.

And I’m not sure what to do about the cubby holes… think we should keep them? cover them? any ideas are welcome.  Pots will likely hang above the stove there and that awkward utensil board will come down as well.

And there’s another dilemma (’cause there can’t be just one) The kitchen is super bright white which we loved the idea of until we realized we are tearing down a wall (The real “we” this time, I’m looking forward to it) this summer to open up the kitchen. Bright white doesn’t really flow well with the pretty Antique Beige of the living room, besides, it’s a flat color and harder to clean. So we picked up a yellow sample, Lemon Cream, and put a few tester spots on the wall. So far, I’m not convinced. But I’ve yet to see it in the daylight.

Tomorrow, a trip to Ikea for a new dresser (my clothes are still in Rubbermaid bins from the move)

In the meantime, sleep… If we can stop Hudson from “sneaking” out of his bed. Here, this pillow will totally stop them from seeing me!

(Excuse the picture quality, I had to snap it quick before sending him back.)

MUCH more amusing when you haven't been working on the house all day.

The demolition begins.

Well I pointed out a few kitchen problems in a previous post.

Thankfully, My Dearest Husband is a man of action– and had decided he bumped his head on one of the more dangerous kitchen corners in the house for the last time. A rainy day seemed like the perfect opportunity to smash the kitchen to bits.

So after a little of this…And a little of that…A little more of this…And finally a little of this (Thanks dad)

We were left with this:

and this:

And unfortunately, also this…

First of all, I’d like to say I was seriously hoping to find some fabulous retro wallpaper (underneath what I’m pretty convinced was somebody’s handy uncle’s work) that we could all have a good chuckle and take a picture to share before painting over it… but sadly, we’re just left with some dirt. Eh. Oh well.

Also, we had hoped to save the cabinets themselves but they were nailed in with approximately 1,000 nails… this baby wasn’t coming down without a fight, so there was no hope of saving the complete cabinet.

Re-Purpose-ers (yes I made that word up) will be happy to know that the actual cabinet shelves we were left with (pictured above) are now being used as shelving in the attic.  At least one of the cabinet doors will likely become a fold down shelf in the laundry room.  All other scraps will be saved for future projects or firewood.

As for the window trim.  Sadly, this could not be saved.  For one, the cabinet cuts into the trim on both sides, like this:

And of all things to replace, we’d rather re-do the window than the door frame, which was our other option. We kept the wood just in case we decide to try to salvage it.

Here’s a (fuzzy) picture of the kitchen today:

Next step: eliminate the cabinets on the left side of the door to match.

And on the right side of the window which I think comes out too far, is too low and blocks the afternoon/evening sunlight.

After they all come down, we’ll clean up and paint the walls (probably white) and install open shelving to open up the room and let in a little light.

I feel like we’ve added a foot of breathing room already as you can see in this fuzzy photo I was too lazy to retake.

So, what do you think?

Tell me about your cheapest mini-makeover. We’ve got lots more for the kitchen in store… can’t wait to share it with you!

What do you do with a pink bathroom?

So when we bought our 1950’s home. It came with this:

Our agent assured us it was easy to get rid of the pink with something that basically bleaches it white. Jeff expressed that it would be one of our first priorities… but I was on the fence. After all, its original… and it’s kind of a pretty shade.  So I started suggesting that we save the pink.  Jeff resisted, then relented.  After all, I’m the one girl, and I probably spend the most time in the bathroom so, I get to have my pink space. And you know what? I think Jeff is even beginning to find it cute…

So here we are, a few days later,embracing (and loving) the pink:

This vintage stool which I had planned to paint matches the door frame and windowsill perfectly. It escapes painting for now.
This shower curtain is the main color inspiration for the room, pink, aqua, grey and green.

And a few details..

Another shot of my Target art… custom cropped to include more window bird and less toilet.

I’m not at all done. (I’ve only lived in this house for a week!) I’m obsessed with my bathroom. And I have big plans for the vanity… updated pictures to come!


Max came in to the bedroom this morning saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!”

“Thank you Max, you remembered!”

“How could I forget your birthday? I could never forget your birthday!”

“Aww thank you honey”

“besides, Dad told me.”


Thanks Jeff 😉