Parents are blind

Hudson has been quite energetic since the moment he woke up less than two hours ago. He’s given me a thousand kisses. He’s made me take off my sweatshirt (he prefers I don’t wear comfortable clothes — no robes, blankets or sweatshirts allowed). He’s asked for chocolate for breakfast. I’ve… Continue reading »


Hudson: Mom! Mom! I want Chocolate for dinner (means breakfast) Me: What? Hudson: I want chocolate for dinner! Me: You want Chocolate for dinner? Hudson spinning in a circle with his hands in the air: YES!! (I get up to get a piece of chocolate) he opens the pantry “I… Continue reading »

Max the Vegetarian

Well, it happened. I knew he’d been considering it and no he went and done it… Max has announced this morning that he is going¬† to be a vegetarian. He doesn’t want to eat chickens anymore or cows. In the same sentence he said he doesn’t like spinach (which he… Continue reading »