First DIY Workshop: Make a Paper Crane Mobile!

I’m super excited to be hosting my first Multifaceted Mama DIY workshop on January 30th from 1-3pm at Hip to be Round in Carytown!

Crane mobile

I love the paper crane mobile I made for Marlowe a few years ago which now hangs above his toddler bed. Over the years, my tutorial has continued to be a hit on Multifaceted Mama so I’m super excited for this to be my first workshop.

At the workshop we’ll be designing and making paper crane mobiles perfect for hanging over a crib or a changing table (or anywhere else). Choose your colors to compliment your space and make your own design.

First DIY Workshop make a DIY Paper Crane Moble

The $20 workshop fee includes all the supplies you need for the workshop and some snacks.

Register for the workshop here.

This workshop takes place in the Hip to be Round (3124 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, 23221. ) store on January 30th from 1-3pm. Must register in advance to participate. 

DIY Crane Mobile

Please note: This article contains affiliate links for some supplies to make the mobile. If you can’t buy local, please consider purchasing through my affiliate link.


I’m working in a world theme into the nursery, and after realizing that I was lacking an Eastern influence I thought a paper crane mobile might be a cute and inexpensive addition.

I’ve never done any origami before this mobile which is a testament to how easy it is.
Crane supplies


Embroidery hoop
-Ribbon (for hanging)
Clear cord
-Origami Paper
-Needle nose pliers
Crimp beads
-Needles.-Hot glue (optional for step 2)


Step 1. Make your cranes.  If you haven’t done one before, I learned from this website.

Step 2.  Decorate your hoop. I decided to use ribbon to cover the embroidery hoop, but you can paint it or leave it simple wood.
I used hot glue on the hoop and simply wrapped my ribbon around.

To make it easy to hang, I just used two longer pieces of ribbon which I knotted at either end and then created a knot loop at the top.

Step 3. Use a crimp bead to clamp the end of your fishing wire/clear cord. String the end of your cord into the bead and clamp shut with the pliers.  You can knot it, but this is a lot quicker and easier.

Next, string the end of the fishing wire with the needle through the bottom of the crane and out through the center of his back (longer needles make this easier).  TIP: leave extra cord than you think you’ll need… about an inch. This gives you wiggle room for being able to adjust the height when you tie them on.



Step 4. Just knot the crane on at your desired length (I had mine getting gradually longer but you can do it in any order). Do that for all your cranes and you’re done!!

I’ll hang it above the changing table I think.

Here’s some more pics, just because it’s fun…


Crane mobile

I kinda want to make more of these now… and since this baby seems to be taking his sweet time, looks like I’ll have plenty of downtime before his arrival.