What It’s Like to Have Four Boys

Sometimes people say to me “Four boys?! What’s that like?”

I can’t quite put it into words…

But today I got it. Basically it’s like this:

So far I’ve found 62 socks and a match ain’t one. (But I do have a great matching game for my 2 year old.)

This is a jarring start to my year of domesticity.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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5 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Have Four Boys

  1. Oh god. I buy the boys the same size sock now (not an option for you, I know) … and we think the mismatched look is the way to go. Lucky them if they happen on an actual pair!

    1. I got a way with that for Max and Hudson for a little while but now all their sizes are different I also had this idea that I was going to get all the same color socks so they would always match. Clearly that went awry somewhere.

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